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    Dr. Crystal Kelley

    Crystal Kelley has enjoyed her work in Clinical Psychology since receiving her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in 1973 and interning at the University of Minnesota. She would make the same career choice if she had it all to do over again. Crystal derives a great deal of satisfaction and challenge from helping others solve emotional, relationship, behavioral, and interactional problems. Crystal completed both child and adult training in graduate school and works with a broad range of clients of all age ranges.

    Crystal particularly enjoys working with children and adolescents and finds them to be a perpetual source of enthusiasm and imagination. Interacting with children through games and toys, art and crafts, and creative play and imagery are among her most favorite methods for relating to her young clients; utilizing cognitive behavior therapy, family and parent therapy, and relational approached to treatment. Crystal also provides clinical services to college students and adults experiencing bereavement and loss, previous abuse, anxiety and depression.

    Crystal works with parents and families in addressing an array of complex issues which families face quite often in today’s world. These include bereavement and loss, divorce, remarriage and blended families, sibling rivalry, adolescent depression and acting out, and young adult identity and emancipation.

    Typical problem areas addressed in treatment involve self-control and anger management, anxiety and worry, poor self-esteem, social difficulties, attention deficit and hyperactivity, eating disorders, and academic achievement problems, and developmental delay. Coordinating with schools, physicians, and other community agencies and resources is often an important aspect of psychological treatment with children.

    Crystal has been involved in professional issues throughout her career and has enjoyed teaching and clinical training of graduate students. She has also been active in professional organizations on a local, state, and national level in addressing credentialing ethics and standards, and educating the public about psychology.